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About HengFat

Zhongshan Heng Fat Electronics&Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional printer consumables supplier integrated with new technology research, products design, development and production.
Until now, we have established 10 production lines which include 5 toner cartridge lines, 3 ink cartridge lines and 2 printer ribbon lines.
HengFat have one single purpose for the industry: Make prints look crystal clear on any papers in any occasions.

Our Suppliers

Applausible products come from reliable suppliers and numerous tests.
HengFat’s product development staff works with world-recognized suppliers to ensure the highest product quality and meets regularly with raw material vendors, both domestic and international, to ensure we are on trend, and have the latest and best quality raw materials available for our clients.

Our Leadership

R&D Dept
Sales Dept
Production Dept
QC Dept

HengFat in Trade Shows

Canton fair, 114th 3.2I23-I24
Canton fair, 115th 5.2H19
Canton fair, 117th 5.1M28
Canton fair, 119th 5.1C37
Canton fair, 121th 5.1M27