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How to choose a suitable printer for you?

How to choose a suitable printer for you?

How to choose a suitable printer for you?

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I don’t know if you’ve ever had this worry when you’re looking to buy a printer?

  • Which printer brand is better for me?
  • What printer type is the best choice
  • Who is the most cost-effective?

If you have or are thinking of buying one, there are some TIPS that may help you.


Need to know all the printers on the market before buying them?

No, there are some popular printer brands on the market:  HP, Canon, EPSON, Brother, Samsung, Fuji  Xerox, Lenovo, etc. And I didn’t list all brands here, but most people will know or have seen the those printer brands.

On the other hand, we usually classify those ” office partners” who work so hard to solve our problems, into 3  types.

1、Laser Printer(Office/Home/School use normally)

Laser printers are the big brother of the family, according to the market sales data, the Chinese market valuation is up to ten billion, while the same year inkjet printers are only a billion state. And the advantages of laser printers are the main reasons:

  • Fast printing speed
  • Low cost of consumables
  • Simple maintenance
  • Durable
  • Long placement is not prone to problems
  • Printing black and white documents are particularly prominent

And the famous brand of a laser printer is HP, followed by Canon, Brother, in the Daily Office and Printshop, Home, School, Bank, etc. we can see their figure.


2、Inkjet printers(Photography Shop/Home use normally)

Inkjet printers which are different from laser printers focus on the colour field, with richer and brighter colour output.

The advantages of inkjet printers:

  • High print resolution
  • Fine colour transmission
  • Rich colour levels
  • The printer itself is cheaper

Generally, it is suitable for wedding photography shops/ photography shops, photographers, graphic advertising shops(commercial), who have high colour requirements, and sometimes, need a continuous printout (warmly remind: inkjet printers do not use the nozzle for a long time, there is a risk of blockage, which is a very expensive part)


3、Dot matrix printers(Commercial use: Warehousing/Delivery Note/Bank/ATM  etc.)

Dot-matrix printers are generally used for multi-link ticket printing, generally, the management of the warehouse will use this type of printer.If the family needs to play a single invoice, with the number of infrequent, you can also purchase it to save costs.

So, Dot-matrix printers are more special, has their own unique market share, not been replaced by other printers and the advantages are:

  • unique market
  • multiple printing
  • ticket printing

(Warmly reminded: low resolution, printing noise, printing slower are also their UNIQUE )


How do we distinguish them?

It is very simple, we can know it via their consumables ( printer consumables ).

1. Laser printers are using “toner cartridges”, and “toner powder”.

2. Inkjet printers use “ink” and “ink cartridge” or ” inkjet cartridge).

3. Dot matrix printers use “ribbon cartridge” or ” printer ribbon ” and “ribbon cassette”



A suitable printer can help you a lot in your daily work/ printing needs, choose what kind of printer and brand? there are some tips:

  • Follow your daily needs
  • Usage frequency
  • Printer size & placement etc.
  • Consumable costs

In addition, there is a point I would like to share with you:

  • Generally, expensive printers his consumables cost will be relatively cheap
  • Cheap printers, the cost of consumables is relatively expensive

So, before you print a printer, please have a look at their consumables prices as well.

Do not be greedy for a moment of cheapness caused by a long time cost increase, so it is not worth the loss. I hope that this article can help you a little.


And how to save your printout cost?  you can try our compatible type and click to know what is the difference.


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