How To Choose A Compatible Toner Cartridge Manufacturer In China? | HENGFAT Toner Cartridge

How To Choose A Compatible Toner Cartridge Manufacturer In China?

How To Choose A Compatible Toner Cartridge Manufacturer In China?

How To Choose A Compatible Toner Cartridge Manufacturer In China?

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Maybe you are very very confused when you find a new generic or compatible toner cartridge manufacturer in the B2B platform or Google or SNS. When you contact many Toner Cartridge Manufacturers In China, you will have the idea: ” Why each factory have different prices?” “Who is reliable to do the business with them?” and so on…This article will bring you some ideas.


There are 3 tips is to make sure the manufacturer is reliable and can supply what you want or not. Let us read it:

  1. Know Industry Quality Standard
  2. How Raw Materials Effect The Quality?
  3. You Only Need A Manufacturer Or Not?


1. Industry Quality Standard:   no reference or adjustment standard? can’t know which toner cartridge manufacturer is good or not?

“In June 2004, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), in conjunction with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), published the ISO/IEC 19752 yield standard for monochrome toner cartridges. This was followed in December 2006 by new standards for color toner cartridges (ISO/IEC 19798).”This is from Wikipedia: point 3 “Yield”.

In other words, there is a yield standard from ISO of generic monochrome toner cartridge or color toner cartridge, the below picture is the Printing Testing Document for the monochrome toner cartridge.

–Industry Standard Of Test Document is “A4 paper with 5% coverage ” which is from STMC USA.

–If someone said that their model: 85A  1600 pages, it means, their 85A can be used to print this Test Document for 1600 pages. You can buy the sample to test it via this testing document. And if you are interested We, HENGFAT Toner Cartridge Manufacturer, offer the free sample and this document to test.

At the same time, some generic/compatible manufacturers or Original Toner Cartridge Manufacturers such as HP or Canon, COME UP WITH a standard of printing performance NAMED ” Black Degree”.

The black degree is 1.45 average from Original Toner Cartridge Manufacturers such as HP or Canon, and our compatible toner cartridge is 1.45-1.65 as the following picture., some other factories are about 1.35-1.5.

A high black degree proves that use the product will print more clear words or images on the paper, then, we called it Good Quality. Moreover, if the black degree is from 1.45 to 1.65, it is really stable quality because the Toner Cartridge from the original HP/Canon is 1.45 as the average.

                  HENGFAT Generic Toner Cartridge Black Degree


So, summary, the quality standard is

  1. Yield is the same as the spec. what toner cartridge manufacturer showed
  2. Black Degree is equal or higher to Original Toner Cartridge average: 1.45


2. How Raw Materials Effect The Quality?


As the point, why the black degree is different between different generic toner cartridge manufacturer? the answer is RAW MATERIALS.

99% generic toner cartridge’s raw materials have the lifetime, we need to find out the most suitable spec. of PCR, DB/WB, OPC, TONER POWDER even if a small spring.

“A Generic Toner Cartridge” can be regarded as the survey, need all materials are coordinated together. And Superior Quality Compatible Toner Cartridge, is like a winner in the marathon, to keep almost the same performance from the beginning to end and do it better than others.

So, you need to ask the manufacturer:

–What raw material they are using?

–How they do quality control or quality assurance?

–What if the bulk order quality is different from the samples, what is the solution?

For us, we are using Top 5 suppliers in the industry which is more stable and superior, different prices range. Also, you need to use those raw materials in the Production. Meanwhile, you need to know how the manufacturer does Quality Control.

                       Our Raw Materials Suppliers List         

3. Ask Yourself:  You Only Need A Toner Cartridge Manufacturer Without Service?

-Have you faced a situation that asks the salesman many times about the delivery date and it delays many times?

-Salesman only read your messages but no reply in WhatsApp but no reply or you get the answer after 5 or 6 hours?

-When there is a quality issue, they always said that will replace the defects in the next order?no full solution? and you don’t know whether there is the same issue in your new order?


So, when you are looking for a reliable manufacturer, you should notice :

1. If you come up with a professional problem, the answer comes out quickly and correctly or not?

2. Whether prices are lower than market prices? some suppliers only want your deposit and disappear after received it.

3. What is their production capacity each month? do they inform you that the estimated delivery date after they confirmed that the deposit is received?

4. What is the solution if there is a quality issue? how do they cope with it now and in the future order?


Anyway, A Reliable Generic or Compatible Toner Cartridge Manufacturer in China will not only provide the products that you need, but also favorable service as well.

So, pay more attention to their profession, service, delivery date, this is what we called FAVORABLE SERVICE IN BUSINESS. You can feel it when discussing it with them.

Contact us to know HOW WE DO IT?

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