What Is Toner Cartridge? | HENGFAT Toner Cartridge

What is Toner Cartridge?

What is Toner Cartridge?

What is Toner Cartridge?

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Normally, you will get all information about toner cartridge from Wikipedia.

But, you will be more confused about ” Toner Cartridge “, here, I list the information simply.

  • How does it work?
  • The Story Of Toner Cartridge
  • What is the difference between OEM and Compatible Toner Cartridge?


1. How does it work?

I guess that all of you bought or used the pen, toner cartridge has a similar theory:  the printer needs the tool to transfer the words, images, content on the paper. And this tool is toner cartridge.

What is the toner cartridge main have inside normally?

  • Primary Charge Roller:  make the “Toner Powder” have the electric polarity.
  • Magnetic Developer Roller:  transfer “Electric Polarity ( toner powder )” on the OPC drum.
  • Wiper Blade & Doctor Blade: clean and ensure the “Electric Polarity  ( toner powder )” transfer to OPC drum smoothly and quickly.
  • Toner Powder:  it is what you printed on the paper ( words, images, content on the paper ).
  • OPC Drum:  display  “Electric Polarity  ( toner powder )” on the paper which you sent to Printer.

And there is the most popular video to show this theory on Youtube:   


2.The Story Of Toner Cartridge 

One sentence, ” Toner Cartridge ” is the gift from technology improvement that printed the documents or image what you need in the home or office.

Before, we are using the Typewriter and get all information from the Newspaper and printing factory need to change the tool if there is the newspaper content has changed. One tool is using at one date newspaper. For personal /office/governments/ bank or other application, have to use the Typewriter that can’t type any wrong word in one document or you need to restart typing the same thing again.

Years and years, the first TV&Computer&Printer came out. People desire to have a printer to meet their daily life or work. So the business and desktop laser printer came out by Xerox/ HP. But it is too expensive to use. And until almost 1995, the laser printer is popular in our daily life due to prices issue.


3. What is the difference between OEM and Compatible Toner Cartridge?

  • OEM toner cartridge is made by HP/Canon/Samsung etc. original printer supplier. Very expensive price, but the quality is most stable and with copyrights in the world.
  • Compatible toner cartridge such as Ninestar/Printrite/Cartridge World or HENGFAT brand. The cheaper price compares OEM, not big different quality with OEM.
  • Now, Compatible toner cartridge is chosen by more and more people because the prices and production technology improved since 2003.

The below information is not enough? Click to know more detail.


Moreover, if you are going to looking for a reliable supplier or factory in China, here is the introduction.

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